Wastewater treatment Innovation

What man contaminates and dirties, Man must be able to clean and decontaminate
This Mexican technology uses as a sole input, low-voltage electric power, based on the postulates of 3 Nobel Prizes, developed by a graduate of the National Polytechnic Institute. As a result of 45 years of research, this system was patented that purifies industrial wastewater, sewage or soapy water in waters usable for human consumption.
  • The only input: low voltage electrical energy
  • Non-selective general
  • Large volumes of water
  • Process any contaminant

Economic benefits and for the environment

We offer integral solutions, through engineering, design, production, assembly, commissioning and operation, with the highest quality standards, which are certified by laboratory analysis recognized by E.M.A
Modular Design
It can transform any quality of water for human use, drinking water, for irrigation or for return to the riverbed.
Ionic technology
It uses low voltage electrical energy as the only input, efficiently processing all types of contaminants.
Easy installation
Works in little space, processing large volumes of water, without varying its efficience
Water Recycling System
ompliance with laws, norms and ecological requirements. Obtaining BOD and DQO negative.
Avoid global warming
Preventing the over exploitation of aquifers, the contamination of the environment and the subsoil.
Fast return on investment
Proven efficiency and low cost in your installation

We have a strong commitment to the Care of the Environment

AMT is an authorized distributor of Grupo Escorpión who has created the Ionic Flocculation technology
The possibility of adapting the system to any industry, surface and capacity. Work by adaptable modules and with high facility to expand the plant for future projects, different qualities and deferred investments. In a short time we manage to clean the water without contaminating it, reusing it, infiltrating it in the ground or pouring it into bodies of water.

Fundamentals of Ionic Flocculation

Explained directly by its creator.
Ing. Jesus Figueroa Flores, Physicist, Mathematician and inventor of the National Polytechnic Institute explains in this interview the details of this system, its origin and its wide possibilities to transform the future of water for our country and for the world.

Ionic Flocculation Technology

The value of transforming water
This Mexican system is based on the theory of the electrolytic dissociation of the molecules of Svante Arrhenius (1884), on the orbital theory of E. Schrodinger (1926), on the theory of dissociation and modification of molecules and the uncertainty principle of W. Einsenberg and Niels Bohr (1927).The fundamental concept of the theory of the instability of the molecules molecules to a medium establishes: "Every molecule agena to a medium is weak with respect to this" for that reason, the pollutants adhere to the particles of the Water and through an intense radiation, the binding electrons of all the elements are subtracted to the water to pass them from dissolved to suspended and to be able to separate them with a minimum amount of electrical energy.

Recognition in the rest of the world

Specialists talk
The contribution of this technology has been recognized in other countries as the vanguard and innovation in the treatment of contaminated water.

Political and economic interests, as well as the lack of awareness and importance on the subject by industrialists, have prevented the application of said technology in spaces that urgently need to be rescued, such as rivers and lakes.
World Presence


AMT Water Solutions seeks to take this technology to the rest of the world and make known that the transformation of contaminated water to drinking water is possible without high costs, contributing to the environment.

What is Ionic flocculation?

It´s the process through which the molecules are dissolved in a fluid and are modified by the action of electromagnetic energy, bombarding the liquid with ions, causing the contaminating molecules to dissociate into their basic components, remaining in suspension and subsequently removing them through a series of filters, the elements that carry out this action are called ionic flocculators, submerged in the fluid, producing a field of low intensity and constant ionic activity that subtracts the binding electrons and then the atoms that make the molecules diluted in the environment suffer a change in their structure which takes them to their most elemental form, and as a final result dissolved solids are transformed into suspended solids themselves that are removed by a filtration system.
In this image you can find Ing. Jesús Figueroa Flores with our General Director signing the contracts to be able to take this technology to the whole world.

Business partners

We are:
  • Ing. Jesús Figueroa Flores - FI Escorpión Grupo Corporativo S.A. de C.V.
  • Dr. Ignacio Bautista Cerda - FI Escorpión Grupo Corporativo S.A. de C.V.
  • Ing. Químico Demetrio Ruiz Moysen - MBA Standford
  • José Presbitero Roa - Presbitero Instalaciones Sanatitarias S.A. de C.V
  • Promotor - Ing. Alejandro Hidalgo

Patents, Agreements and Concessions.

We have the first certification by PEMEX as the only technology applicable to congenital waters complying with 100% of the norm. In addition, there are different documents that endorse and certify the Ionic Flocculation system.


As a result of our vocation of service, the organizational structure ensures the most efficient and timely attention to our clients.
In planning, design, growth and reconditioning of existing plants
Monitoring of the relevant elements in order to control and optimize the processes
Training in the operation and supervision of the operation of the plant.


The ionic flocculation technology that we use is based on the postulates of 3 Nobel Prizes, developed by a graduate of the National Polytechnic Institute. This system separates by means of electricity, the polluting molecules that adhere to the water. We can treat the following wastewater:

Greater Advantages

Our water treatment plants also have greater advantages than those found in the market